​By Miguel Hernández e Hildemaro Álvarez

It is the first instructional book on the musical history of Venezuela and the world, which is taken to Afrovenezuelan percussion for drum set. Presents some of the rhythms that are most popular in Venezuela today. Many of them are being used by a large number of Venezuelan composers and arrangers in pop music movement has been giving fair value to the extensive polyrhythmic Venezuela.


    This book was written by two Venezuelan musicians: the drummer & MIGUEL HERNANDEZ ALVAREZ Hildemaro pianist who have a musical career having performed with major groups and artists from Venezuela, which has enabled them to take part of this work to other countries.


    Afrovenezuelan Rhythms for Drumset. It is an essential book for COMPOSERS, ARRANGERS and INSTRUMENTALISTS eager to incorporate new elements into their work, for in each section provides an overview that addresses issues such as instrumentation, comments on the construction of these, practice areas where the blow, personalities stand as exponents and rhythmic patterns copied for percussion and drums.

Instructional Video taken from a Master Class, which teaches Tambores Redondo or Culo é Puya de Curiepe

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